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CamelotWave – Global Digital Payments & Banking Partner

Global Digital Payments

Are You Looking To Bill Customers On A Recurring Basis?, Try Setting Up A Marketplace, Or Simply Accept Payments, You Can Do It All With A Fully Engineered Payments Infrastructure.

Core Banking

Are You a Financial Institution? Get Full Access To Global Banking Capabilities with our cutting Edge Seamless APIs, Integrate with our secure Infrastructure Now.

Our Infrastructure is suitable

Having all the Seamless Technologies Within One Platform - Our Target is to support you from your cradle to achieving the desired result.

Financial Institutions
Professional services

Our Core Banking APIs

Bank Account Issuing APIs

Offer secure banking services through robust DDA, savings, and FBO Bank accounts.

Debit Card Issuing APIs

Significant Upfront Fees. We Are Here To Help Abstract The Complexity And The Bather So You Can Start Creating Credit Cards Faster And Scale Fast.

Money Transfer APIs

Our Money Transfer APIs Are Easily Integrated Into Existing Online Platforms And Apps To Be Able To Offer Seamless Fast Money Transfers From One API.

Crypto Payments APIs

Connect with our easy and rest Crypto Payments API to easily accept payments in crypto currencies. ie. BTC, ETH, LTC, LINK and some more.

Fast Global Settlements with clear structure

Perform Instant & Fast Global Payouts with Our Money Transfer APIs and provide better customer experience.

Receive Fast, Global & Instant Payouts via Bank Transfer, Webmoney, Qiwi, MobileMoney, Mpesa, Visa/MasterCard

Withdraw funds with our Bank transfer system, International VISA / MC, Webmoney, Qiwi, MobileMoney, Mpesa, Visa/MasterCard.

Ready to get started Now?

Contact Us at support@camelotwave.com, or create an account for Free.